ORCO - Online Rom Collection Organiser

This tool is for categorising your ROM collection into folders and subfolders using a shared spreadsheet as a database.

The idea is that the community can work together to create a spreadsheet for categorising games.


1. Provide a google docs spreadsheet URL for rom list you wish to organise.

This is designed so that communities can collaborate on lists for categorising roms.

Alternatively you can create your own spreadsheet using the same structure. See an example here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L4Vl783nY2xzaIf9hkseBDQ4Nt9yMaZvgIuymda0BmQ/

Note: Your spreadsheet must be publically readable

2. Save all your roms in the same folder using the standard naming convention used in the spreadsheet.

For example, for NDS:

[Game id (if the console has it)] - [Game Name] (Region)(Languages).nds

For example:

0037 - Super Mario 64 DS (USA).nds

2. Use the options to the right to choose how your roms should be filtered. Select the regions you wish to keep and which one should have priority.

If you're a collector and have both the USA and Europe version of a game, select USA to keep the USA version but discard the European one, that way one only copy of the game will be placed on your flashcard.

The Tidy Name option will remove everything apart from the game's name from the file for a nicer user exerpeince when selecting the game.

0037 - Super Mario 64 DS (USA).nds


Super Mario 64 DS.nds on the to make it more user friendly when searching through your games

3. Select your operating system, Windows or Linux/Mac and you'll be given a .bat or .sh file to download.

Place the .bat or .sh file in the same directory as your roms and run it. It will automatically create all the necessary subdirectories and move your files around.

Any unwanted files (regions you don't want and duplicates) will be moved to a directory called _discard rather than deleted.

4. Copy the bat/bash script to the directory that contains all your roms and run it.

All your roms will be sorted into categories provided in the spreadsheet and:


Your roms will be sorted into subcategories based on the google spreadsheet used. The default one is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L4Vl783nY2xzaIf9hkseBDQ4Nt9yMaZvgIuymda0BmQ/ but you can copy it to your own google drive and use the URL for it (You must make it publically accessible so this tool can read it). You can help by amending the original spreadsheet to categorise more games.